Bri-ish Ip-Op

If you’re an American girl, you have a fascination with the cockney accent. It’s a panty dropper. I fink eh ‘az somfink ta do wif suppressed seksshual desires, y’know wah I mean? Get pissed and take a butcher’s at these:

Example Back in the Myspace days, I used to change my profile song daily. I found him on a hunt for a Lily Allen track, which he farced up. You know how much I love satires- I was sold. I’m not a huge fan of his newer stuff, but who said evolution had anything to do with perfection, eh?

Mole and Iris I love these two. Jake Iris was too young, this collaboration was cut so short. Something about the simplicity of their beats juxtaposed with their clever rhymes. Rapping about existential crises? Approval.

The Streets Across the pond, I’m sure he’s the equivalent of our Wiz, but barely anyone listens to him here. This needs to change. My birds: This one is a hopeless romantic. I fall more an’ more in love wif ‘im ev-wry track I ‘ear. Believe.

Foreign Beggars Venturing into reggae and dubstep with grace? Unheard of. It takes rapid-fire spitting with ambiguous accents to pull that off. What do you get? This sound: (These two seem like they’d be a blah-ee blast.)

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