Who has a good grasp on reality? No one!


Trust us- We're insane enough to broadcast mental-health audits on anyone the media throws our way. And who better to judge than two millennial chicks with crazy brains?


We’re no stranger to anxiety and depression, so we take the stigmas surrounding our disorders and cut through the BS. From the strange things people post online, to forgotten televised 15 minutes of famers- we use our first hand experiences, comedy, and empath intuition to figure out what they were thinking.

Maybe people are being a little extra these days… or completely sane, considering. 
It’s your call! But we’re all in agreement that it’s a sanity fair. 

The Hosts


Kelly - Yinzer Sister

Intuitive Empath - ENTP
LEO [Moon in Virgo]

High School Class Clown

Chronically Battling: BPD, Rage

Green party



Physical Empath - ENFP

Leo [Moon in Sagittarius]

Former College Athlete 
Chronically Battling: MS, ADHD

Democratic Socialist